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C H A P T E R   2

StarDancer’s Spell


The Following day was quite different.  For a start it had been raining, not heavily, but a light drizzle which gave a kind of freshness to the wood.   The clearing smelt , musky, but with an air of peapod and fresh cut grass.   Tim ducked beneath a silver birch tree; a single strand of web touched his forehead.    Finding his favourite tree stump, he brushed the leaves from the top and sat down.  Checking his watch, he wondered… had he actually said a time to Spore?...

No, he’d just assumed they would meet at the same time as they had done yesterday.    Drifting off into thought he wondered, do Fairies, know how to tell the time.

A strange noise made him prick up his ears.  It seemed to come and then go. It sounded a bit like dry leaves rustling in the wind.    Tim looked up and then quickly around.  He caught a glimpse of something yellow and black circling his head. “Hi Tim”…

He immediately recognised Spore’s quiet, but cheerful voice, “Is that you Spore?….Where are you?”
This time the noise sped by his right ear.   His head spun to follow it, just in time to see Spore.  Not in a bubble today, but on the back of a stunningly bright and beautiful dragonfly.

Unbelievable” remarked Tim… “Now,  I really wish I could do that
“Only if you were about twenty-five sizes smaller” laughed Spore.  The dragonfly landed on a branch just above Tim’s head,
“Have you had to wait long?” Spore asked as he dismounted…

“Oh, no, not really” replied Tim as he wondered how long he’d been day-dreaming.
The Dragonfly left as quickly as it had arrived, disappearing from view in an instant.   Tim asked; “Does your dragonfly have a name?” ...
“I think that one is called Craignor” Spore replied thoughtfully.    “He’s an old Fairy, he’ll be gone after today.  “What do you mean gone” asked Tim …

“Dragonfly Fairies only live for short time, then they are transformed into “Fairy Dust” and blow away with the wind to become seeds for new Fairies”  Spore replied with a stern look of a person with ultimate knowledge, but Tim detected a certain naivety that made him curious as to Spore’s facts.  Moving on promptly Tim asked…

“So… Dragonflies are old Fairies!” …”Yes! … no Fairy lives past his teens… the ones that haven’t turned into butterflies, turn into dragonflies.  “What!  … butterflies?… how does that happen?” 

“Well“, said Spore as he moved to Tim’s left shoulder, sat down and crossed his legs as if settling in for a long stay.

“You know most of the time we’re invisible to GreatWorld people…

“Yep” chirped Tim,   “Well, If one was walking through…say, long grass”,

mmm” mused Tim as he became more intrigued as to what insight Spore would reveal.

If, a GreatWorld person, such as yourself, was, to accidentally touch a Fairy, it would immediately become a butterfly and visible to him… ahem! … You.”

“To some Fairies this is a terrible, terrible fate, they never get to become dragonflies, but its all part of StarDancer’s spell”
Spore sighed, and as he took a deep breath and continued;   “You see, all Fairies used to be human once…long ago that is, but we have been spellbound for generations” 

“How could you, have been human, when you are so small, and have wings?” puzzled Tim.

“OK” said Spore ...“It’s time for a bit of a Fairy history lesson I guess”...   Spore shuffled about to make him more comfortable.

“Historically – In pagan times all Fairies were human and lived in Gaelic Scotland.  They mostly lived off the land and resided in woods, small tree houses or huts on stilts.   The King of The Faeries was called “Uberan of Craglen”, he was a good, kind, wise and fair King, but was deposed by his son, the deceptive Faerie Prince “Tuethenor”.

Tuethenor was corrupted by greed, full of his own self importance and insanely jealous.  He ruled by fear and wickedness scaring the pants off all his subjects and banished Uberan to an island…..”. 

Tim, realised this story might take a while.  His neck ached from looking at Spore sitting on his shoulder so decided to pick him up and let him continue from the palm of his hand as it rested on one of the scattered logs on the grassy clearing.

He jumped!, just for a moment (remembering about the butterfly thing), but quickly realised that touching Spore was NOT accidental…
“Sorry… go on”, he apologised. … “In the dark times of myth and legend, some say Uberan lived in a cave on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and was visited by an angel with whom he fell in love. 

With each generation their children, and in turn their offspring became smaller and smaller, until each developed a full set of double wings.  Later they learnt to fly to new areas; most were drawn southward and made homes in Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany”.

This was because if they flew eastwards they would likely get bigger (like Trolls) or if westward they would get smaller (like Fireflies). In-fact the further away they went from their home they went could result in all sorts of freakish side effects (like Yetis)

“Their intent was to spread spiritual knowledge and good deeds wherever they could…”  Tim’s fascination grew, his eyes opened wider and became glazed (almost in disbelief) at Spore’s history lesson (or Fairy story!).

Spore continued as if on a mission…
“Others say that because of Tuethenor’s evil ways, StarDancer, Uberan’s white Stallion was placed under a spell, given wings and Uberan’s best lance, which ended up as a magic horn on his head.  His mission would be to control the Fairy nation.  Cutting them down to size where needed, encourage them to live on the fringes of humanity, and remember their natural roots. 

They were given wings and special powers so they could spread the message of the “Fairy Code”. This basically meant; they had to promise to be of service, only doing good stuff and sharing knowledge in order to right the wrongs done to the world.

They had to make sure humans lived by the code and would have the right qualities to appreciate the world… only then could the spell be lifted, you know, when they’d learned their lesson and everything”

“This is incredible” said Tim, “It’s hard to believe, it’s all because of this one chap Tuethenor… was he really that bad?”

Definitely” retorted Spore “You must remember, everything about the spell was designed to show the errors of their ways under his rule.  To remind them of the power and purity of nature, of spirituality, as well as the law of give and take.

If the lessons learnt changed the individual Fairy, they would be transformed, if the world changed for the better as a result that too would be transformed, and with the conditions of the spell satisfied, it would disappear...” 

“So why hasn’t it”, said Tim as he tried to make sense of Spore’s revelations.

Spore looked stern as he continued, then after another pause for breath raised his hand and started waiving his tiny finger….
“Through the course of events, the years past and generations grew up.  Many, forgot about the spell and became accustomed to being different. 

They fell into ways not befitting the original Faeries. Some became mischievous and formed their own sects; called Pixies in Scotland, Elves in Wales, Leprechauns in Ireland, Goblins in France so on and so forth.   Others developed traits outside of pure Fairy law like telling untruths, trickery, slyness or greed and became known as Imps, Goblins, Leprechauns and so on” 

“Each found their own habitats, some in coastal areas, some in woods, some at the bottom of gardens, some in mountainous or hilly places.  There were, of course, feuds and territorial disputes which didn’t help things much.

Sometimes there were marriages between the different clans which meant that new varieties of Fairies were made…

Today Fairy clans are all over the place and have changed a lot over the years, a few pure Faeries do still exist,  but they are saddened by past events and feel they will never be able to lift the spell.  Especially when so many have lost their values and morals, thoughts and behaviours”.

Stunned by these revelations, Tim was temporarily lost for words and just stared at Spore thinking, what a sad story it was and how it seemed to mirror the world he knew, but without the spell.   The short silence was smartly broken by the sound of rustling in the nearby undergrowth.



(StarDancers Spell – All who do not follow the code will be impure and will lose powers as a consequence… These can only be regained by earning double merits (two deeds of good service…with benefits)

Those who observe the code and by its observation do good service may get bonus merits or powers ( e.g. temporary reconfiguration granted to such a recipient as long as it respects the bounds of scale and type.

The spell may then be broken and so long as the person is respectful and good for at least four full moons can be accepted as a Fairy again.)

*You can read Timothy Fernwood’s little Fairy Factbook at the back of this book


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