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The Truth About FairyWorld is...

A personal insight by the author, inspired by Raj Yoga Meditation as taught by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.  

This book throws up interesting conjecture about a subject we all grew up with... Fairies…What are they?

If you think you know, prepare for your world to be turned upside down and inside out ...

Explore some new thinking to update your present knowledge or awaken that you may have simply forgotten.

My hope is that this book will makes you think… My goal, that you will understand


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Go placidly amidst the noise & haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as posible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.Speak your truth quietly & clearly; and listen to others.

Even the dull & ignorant; they too have their story.Avoid loud & agressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.

If you compare yourself to others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater or lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real posession in the changing fotunes of time.

Excercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery.  But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; Many people strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.      Neither be cynical about love; For in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.  But do not distress yourself with imaginings.  Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars; You have a right to be here. 

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your hopes & aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life... keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.Be careful, strive to be happy





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The Author has chosen to pre-release this book by making it available over the internet

The reason for this, is to encourage you, the reader, to get involved and say what you think about each chapter.   If you make (submit) a good point or suggestion it may be included in the finished & published work (With your permission of course!).  

The book is intended as a vehicle to enlighten and as such should not be taken too seriously.   It is hoped, however, that you will be given some useful "Food for Thought"  It may even change your life... for the better !

This book has been primarily written for all children, no matter what age…“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; You have a right to be here.  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. (anon)

You can learn how to make your mark on the world… Be invisible...
Leave your imprint as footprints in the sand… not as fossils in rock.  Leave your essence as the good memories and positive influences left on others and by how long those echoes resound.  Be judged by the example you set as well as the light you give, for these are truly valuable gems...  the results of your thoughts, actions and deeds.



DO YOU BELIEVE IN FAIRIES?   The age old question, BUT, do you have the right answer?     Ask yourself…



What is a Fairy? ... What do they look like? ...  Where do they come from? ... What do they do? ... Why are they here? …

In the past, Fairy stories were often used to scare children.  to stay at home, to come home early, to go to sleep quickly or to tidy up and so on.  If did not comply, you would be taken or a curse put upon you… or worse!!!

The stories were obvious ways for parents to control children and to do what they wanted, this being justified by the excuse to protect or teach the child in some way.  Fairies were said to leave gifts as in “If you’re good, a Fairy will bring or leave you something”. (The “Tooth Fairy” an obvious example)  

Others would say Fairies were mischievous and would move or undo things, change their shape, break, move or make things disappear.Children, when they grew older were confused and wouldn’t know if a Fairy was good or bad, whether to be scared or fond of this misunderstood fancy.  

Consequently, Fairies were blamed for all sorts of wrong doings, but has anything ever been proved …. NO!  Each attempt at someone trying to see, photograph or trap a Fairy has turned out to be a hoax or prank.  But, most believe they exist in some form or another…. How is this?

There is more to life than any of us will ever understand.    The author hopes that by reading this book, you will read between the lines, look harder and closer at what’s around, beneath and above you.  Keep an open mind, do not judge too harshly and look for the good in everything and everybody… like hope… it is there!

FairyWorld, put simply, is another dimension.  (A way to see and experience both the physical and spiritual worlds as one)Like fungi and their often symbiotic relationships with a host, each may benefit from the existence of the other.  Some break down and transform dead matter regenerating it and providing sustenance for new life or future growth.

Sometimes though, overgrowth (caused by imbalance) can present a serious threat, even death to the host or in turn spread to other systems.     However, this is preventable by understanding the needs and nature of each individual and the relationship to its environment, family and world.


This Book is about self discovery.  It sees Tim, (Main Character) understand, fit in and communicate with a world he doesn’t trust.On this journey he encounters many challenges.  Not just to his beliefs, his vision and his reality, but his sanity.  An observer, he sees many things, both good & bad.  He must choose his own destiny by being creative with his thoughts & consequently his actions to be able to prove to himself he is worthwhile.

Ultimately, his enlightenment means he will have the power to make positive changes to his world by adopting the code of another.   In doing so he will find his own truth finally balancing both fact and fiction, realise his true potential, make a difference and share this experience with others.


The Truth About FairyWorld…

is a journey by Tim a boy of 11 whose life is dull, grey, ordinary and, doesn't fit with his true feelings.  Tim is gentle, kind, giving, caring, but also thoughtful, troubled and lonely.He becomes a dreamer and lives inside his own personal bubble which he believes, will protect him from a world he does not feel a part of, let alone understand.  

However, one day his life changes, when by chance he actually sees a Fairy (Most people can't).  He was called “Spore” and they begin a fantastic fantasy friendship. Tim is taken to "FairyWorld" where Spore lives (A world which is inside out to the one he knows, and very different). 

Time, size, (scale) or even the way you thought, worked in ways Tim was unsure & confused about.  Somehow he manages to fit in, and by so doing finds peace. He learns exactly what he must do and is excited and comfortable with the challenge.

He sees FairyWorld as an example of how life should and could be. Spore on the other hand is tempted by the glamour of “GreatWorld” (our world). The bonding between the two boys is helped by “Davey Dunmow” a strange woodman (The gatekeeper to “FairyWorld”)  An ancient spell, the discovery of “The Millyon Stone” (The portal to “FairyWorld”) and the legend of “StarDancer”. Both boys start on a train of trails where each get to travel to each other’s worlds.

Changes take place and they become the "Flipside" of each other; Tim becomes more outgoing, sure of himself, and has a strong urge to help the world in some way.

Spore, though, gets caught up with the speed & madness of our modern world making him into a selfish, cruel and thoughtless person not unlike a historical Fairy clan leader called “Tuethenor”As Tim gets older he thinks he is going mad and suffers black-outs His FairyWorld life seems to be just a dream of flashbacks and memories. 

He feels alone, wonders what is true and what isn’t. Was it all inside his own head?, but it all seemed so real! For in FairyWorld he had even fallen in love... with a Fairy princess named "Angelica" Spore, becomes just a good memory for Tim who still sees him as an important guide and angel watching over him, as well as a reminder of how things can change & go wrong if you are selfish or get too greedy for money, fun or tons of stuff!.

Tim finally finds all the pieces to his own life puzzle and more, he now knows where those pieces go and why the puzzle needs to be completed.   He puts the things he learnt in FairyWorld to good use and gives something back to the world he now loves by using technology to benefit those furthest from it.

When the time comes, he knows he will see FairyWorld again, in a bright speck of light that dances on a shiny surface, a twinkle as the sun touches the top of a wave, that blur which passes almost un-noticed or the tell-tale voice in your head that says... “Do the right thing.” Fairies, of course, are a part of us all, though some still don’t know it yet!

There is more to life than any of us can ever understand.  

While reading this book, the author hopes you will learn to read between the lines a little, looking harder and closer at what’s around, beneath and above you.Keep an open mind, do not judge too harshly and look for the good in everything and everybody… like hope… it is there along with the Truth.

FairyWorld, put simply, is a different dimension (A world that is out there, but rarely seen as it is in between what some people call heaven & what we know as earth.  It can help you to see and feel both the physical (material) and spiritual worlds as one.

Like fungi (toadstools etc.) form an attachment with a host (tree etc.), both need each other to survive.  This helps new life grow or spread. Sometimes though, if things become unbalanced this can present a serious threat, even death to both as one can't live without the other. It may even spread to other hosts like a virus.

Quite often this imbalance can be controlled by understanding the needs and nature of the host and fungi, how it fits into the place where it lives & how it depends on its family and world.

Look at yours and ask yourself  "How do I fit in?"


C H A P T E R   1

The Introduction of; Timothy Fernwood & Spor Nightcap

A twisted feather grass stem, if bent into a circle provides the perfect portal to enable travel by bubble. The bubble membrane (or skin) can be harvested in the early spring from just below the surface of small woodland ponds.   It must then be hung to slowly dry in the evening sun When completely dry, the bubble skin can be neatly folded and kept in ones pocket or knapsack for later use.  

When required, just stretch it over the grass stem, fix with snail trail and leave to dampen in the morning dew until light green. When ready (gooey and elastic, with a faint smell of frog), stand just behind the hoop and wait for a strong gust of wind, sufficient enough to stretch it like a balloon.   Then, jump in quickly before it forms into a complete sphere behind you.  

When you’re inside you have enough air for a short trip of about five fields.You will be whisked high into the air, above the trees and houses, to glide effortlessly on the breeze.   Remember though, with each field travelled, the bubble wall becomes thinner, the overall size will shrink, and it will slowly drift downwards, until grazing the groundWhen it does, quickly prick the skin, and as it pops, jump out… (One may have to resort to a little roll and tumble before regaining your balance).  

What’s left of the bubble will soon disappear as it driesNow, few people know of the bubble form of transport, in-fact, because it can only be used by Faeries (younglings at that), any other person who tries it, is bound to fail (an ample covering of slime the likely result!)

Timothy, an unusually gifted and perceptive twelve year old, often took himself off to FreeWood in order to escape a life he didn’t feel part of at home or school.  He would immerse himself in the peaceful atmosphere; have conversations with him-self, the animals, birds, flowers and trees, these he considered to be his true friends.  

Tim often saw faint lights at dusk just above the giant hogweed stems.   Whispers would tickle his ears that spoke of trips across the lily pond to Martins Marsh beyond…  (Was it imagination or the gentle breeze that played with his curiosity?)

One afternoon he visited one of his favourite places… Bulrush Bank, and sat down by what he knew to be a Fairy ring.  He began eating his picnic listening to the gurgles of the silken stream, which weaved its way to Mushroom Mill and then on to Davey Dunmow’s house in a woodland glade beyond Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he hardly believed what he saw…

it wasyes, an actual Fairy caught in a bubble. 

 It was drifting high into the busy traffic of flies, gnats, bees and all manner of other insects jammed into the sky above him.“Hey!” Tim called, “How do you do that? ...Can I?... Can I have a go?”… With a slight lean to the right, the Fairy inside turned the bubbles course.   With the careful use of a thistle spike the Fairy deftly managed to let out some of the air. This caused the bubble to descend slowly to where the boy was standing… and with the Fairies smart jab, it popped. Quickly, a small Fairy of about two and a half inches got to his feet then bundled the remains of the bubble into his pocket. 

Most can’t see me” said the Fairy in a quizzical, breathless kind of voice, “how can?”…. but before he could finish, Tim asked excitedly, “Can you show me how to fly a bubble?”The young Fairy, more intrigued than ever that this “GreatWorld” boy obviously had no problem seeing his every move, decided to introduce himself and said, “My name’s Spor, Spor Nightcap” ….”What’s yours?”“Spor?” questioned Tim, “That’s an awfully funny name”.

Spor paused, and then asked; “Whad’ya mean?”

“Well, Spor… it’s kind of unusual, you know… said Tim nervously

“Not really” indignantly replied Spor. “It’s a sort of seed and Nightcap is a kind of toadstool… what’s so funny ‘bout that?”

“… Mine’s Timothy… Timothy Fernwood”… (A small silence ensued)

Oh!” said Spor… “The second part’s a Fairy name… “Fairy names all come from things found in woods… like err… Nettle Woodbark or… um... Stumpy Leafmould… mine comes from a type of toadstool… yours is Fern-Wood… see!”

“I’ve seen Fairies before”, said Timothy smugly, “but they’ve never spoken to me”.  He let out a small sigh, shrugged his shoulders and bowed his head

“Don’t worry” said Spor... “They, (probably), were as surprised you could see them as me… we thought, we were invisible to all GreatWorld people like you”

“I… I’m a GreatWorld person? … what’s that?

 ”It’s the place where the bigger people come from… what do you call it? “England!" Exclaimed Timothy… “Don’t you know where you are?” replying in a semi-patronising tone

"Of course! …  we’re in Mossbrook Dell…"

Both fell silent as if searching for the next question or examining the previous answer. Then with a gasp for breath they simultaneously quizzed”…BUT! ... ”Both saw the humour of the situation, smiled and then giggled, (slightly embarrassed and holding their hands to their mouths). 

After composing himself, Tim asked Spor... “What’s your house like?” A short pause later, Spor answered…

“Very nice, thank you!”…

No… I mean where do you live?... what’s your house look like?”

 “Oh! ... Sorry” said Spor, I live at Little Oak Toadstool, 3 Pond Hollow, Mossbrook Dell in FreeWood, and my house is a crack in a tree… by the roots

“Wow Spor, that sounds amazing! … Can I see it?”

….”Err…I don’t think the elders would let you… we keep our places secret… in fact, I shouldn’t have even told you where I live… think I’ll go now”

No...Wait! … Please don’t” implored Tim, “I wouldn’t tell anyone… really… I just wanted to know what it’s like… you knowbeing a Fairy!”…

Sssshhh!” Spor thought a moment and whispered, “Do you swear on StarDancer’s soul… never to say anything about what I tell you…ever?

“Who’s Stardancer?” retorted Tim indignantly;

Spor replied, “Huh! ... only the greatest unicorn that ever lived!… Don’t you know anything?”… then almost as quickly as he’d replied… he added; “I s’pose you can’t see unicorns either?

”Tim didn’t quite know what to say.   Sure, he’d seen pictures of unicorns in books, but Spor was right he’d never actually seen one himself… may be they were invisible to humans.  He explained this to Spor, and as they both sat down on tree stumps, cupped there chins in their hands, both looked as if it was going to be a very long dayThe sky started to look like a washed out water colour background  It turned shades of turquoise and orange as the sun squeezed out the last rays of golden light through the fern leaves. 

The coolness of a fading summer breeze made Spor’s tiny wings shimmer and him, in turn, shiver.  Both boys glanced at each other in momentary realisation of the time they had spent talkingAt dusk, the whole forest comes alive.  The evening stars pierce through the now indigo backdrop revealing the silhouettes of birds, animals and insects gathering to see if the workers and walkers have left.  Only now do the hedgehogs, the deer, the bats, foxes, owls, night bugs and moths show

The shadows of farm animals in nearby fields spookily pass through the trees being drawn into ever darker patches of undergrowth.   The frogs start croaking eerily.  A rustle here, a twig broken there, a hoot, a squeal, a screech or flutter in the bushes all let one know… you are NOT alone!

“I must get back now” said Spor, “Can we meet again tomorrow? ... you can tell me about GreatWorld, your house and your friends! 

“Um… I d-o-n-‘t  really have any… err... friends” Tim said…. ”

But you could be one if you like”

“Why not” said Spor as he jumped into the bubble he’d prepared as they spoke.   Catching the last breath of wind, he drifted gently upwards though the branches “See you tomorrow then” he shouted in a muffled voice as the bubble got smaller and smaller until it disappeared into the darkening skyTim sauntered off home, he had just had one of the best days of his life. 

He approached his house and heard the familiar sound of his brothers arguing and his parents shouting.   Immediately his heart sank, he was reminded “I’m back in the real world”   He crept in the back door, but as… on numerous previous occasions, he was caught and sent up to his room without supper for coming home late. 

He didn’t mind though, as it meant he wouldn’t have to get involved with all the arguing and turmoil downstairs Instead he dragged out a large leather-bound book from under his bed.  It was his favourite gift from Granny.  He used it for keeping scraps, ideas, poems and personal stuff.   Excitedly he thumbed to a spare page

Immediately he started writing about the day’s events and what he’d learnt from his new friend Spor.   He wanted to include as much as possible before he’d forget, so he used his own note form to remember what he could…

..TRANSPORT – Younglings travel by bubble to cover long distances or dandelion clock or other airborne seeds to travel short distances (they cannot fly until they are teenagers)

HOUSES – Fairies don’t live in toadstools or mushrooms (They use them to shelter under or as seats, tables or to dance on) they live mostly in tree roots (trunks) sometimes in tree stumps or uprooted trees. Fairies mainly live in woods and forests that have moss, birch trees, pine, oak, willow etc. Often in areas that have sandy soil and have water nearby. The richer and more diverse the habitat the more likely for it to be attractive to Fairy folk

HISTORY – There are two types of Fairy, Younglings (learners) and Elderlings (teachers) the older fairies are from Gaelic descent and they are the FAERIES

…more later

HOW DO YOU KNOW A FAIRY – Most people can’t see fairies, but if you should touch one it turns into a butterfly (Pixies turn into moths) Fairies respect all nature and only live by its rules and use natural things (they always replace what they use) Fairies are always tall, thin and very delicate, mostly pale, younger ones always have freckles

CLOTHES – Fairies only wear natural clothes e.g.   HATS – harebells, lilies, foxgloves, campion, other wild flowers & some leaves

 JACKETS & DRESSES - are made from honesty, poppy leaves, old mans beard, dried flowers, leaves, grasses etc 

SHOES – small seed pods,FAIRY FIBS - Fairies can’t lie because of the Fairy code …if they should they would turn into Imps (Impure fairies)

FAIRY FASHION – always delicate, chiffon like, pale and pastel colours, will always incorporate green somewhere………

FAIRIES & WEATHER  – Not about in rain or wind, rarely seen in cold weather; A raindrop or gust of wind can easily knock a fairy off course & be potentially life threatening. Some younger fairies sometimes play “chicken” with raindrops, but this is highly disapproved of. 

It wasn’t long before his eyelids were dropping, the torch was getting dim and his head felt like it weighed a ton. The book dropped to the floor and he was out!

*You can read Timothy Fernwoods little Fairy FactBook at the back of this book










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