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On-Line Chapter by Chapter Book (12)




by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

We are the essence of your soul
not the make-up, but the whole
We’re the qualities you hold within
A guardian angel and spiritual twin

Without a Fairy you are lost
Left alone to count the cost
We guide and encourage to set you free
Like your conscience, eternal we will be

We are what’s left after desire
A spark to rekindle the coolest fire
We lift you up when the body’s weak
Giving strength to the barren and the meek

With us by your side, no longer mope
With us by your side; we’ll give you hope
Lighten your load and free your mind
We’ll teach you love and to be forever kind

Uplift your heart and give it wings
Play the soul until it sings
Soothe your head and make it clear
and banish too, your greatest fear

Draw us near, we’ll be your friend
We’ll be with you until the very end
We are angels, here, on earth
We will help you.. Fulfil your worth

To see us, though, just close your eyes
Forget all thoughts of time and size
Imagine a pure and brilliant light
A point of energy that glows so bright

Then come with us beyond the sigh
You too will learn its fun to fly
Outside the body and into space
Away, away without a trace

We’ll be with you on the tripl
Show you things that’ll make you flip
Open your mind, see the light
When you return, you’ll know what’s right

No longer burdened with a heavy heart,
A confused head or abandoned part
Totally free your potential to fill
Your destiny clear, above all ill

We’ll be with you, just to check
You don’t become a nervous wreck!
We’ll be with you, just for fun
You’ll know, with us, you’ve just begun


by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2006

To sing a song or lullaby
can lift your spirits or make you cry
Emotion held in every chord
Is all you’ll need for your reward

Lyrics carry the message… true
but the notes they ride, decide their hue
Bursting with colour or grey and plain
they can stir you to feel love again

A Fairy is made from smiles and hope
To help you when you just can’t cope
They protect delicate thoughts you hide within
those not shared… in case they grin

The natural memories of a Mothers love
or a choir of angels… up above
Within the frailty, clearly seen
a Fairies love is evergreen

So when a Fairy passes by
be sure you know this lullaby
To save you from those heartbeats missed
or remind you of those thoughts you’ve kissed

Let your feelings skywards soar
soothing what the world left raw
Then dance around in daisy dew
for all the help is inside you



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

See the magic in every day
From when you wake… the fairies play
With eyes wide open to see the truth
They’re pure and good, not at all uncouth

Do you see clouds or the sun above?
Depressed by rain or full of love?
Do stars still shine on a sunny day
Or have you forgotten how to play

See the wood, not just the trees
Each breath you take… a future breeze
Feed the gift of life inside
Face each day with a sense of pride

Fight each fear you keep inside
Pass the test, try not to hide
Learn to glide above the rest
You have the magic… so be your best

See the universe in another's eyes
Then you’ll know… you’ve won the prize
Know true love and why you’re here
Then feel the warmth of magic cheer


by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2005

Your passage through life it’s true to say…
Is like a ship that’s lost its way
Whether fog ahead or bright blue day
You’ll sail ahead with much to say

But through your journey smooth or rough
It will pay to remember, (sure enough)
For in every action that is done
Comes repercussion for everyone

The people through the voyage you’ve met
may be influenced by your carnal debt
So be ever careful how you say those words
that they don’t turn into word-turds

Don’t pollute the sea of life
with problems, vices or endless strife
Be mindful of the following wash
and dispense with all the worthless tosh!

The things you do are in your control
And without you here… would leave a hole
Value your actions as gold to keep
Only then will your conscience restful sleep


by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008

See it as transparent
Don’t believe there is only one option or choice
Its always possible to re-throw the dice
The more you look… the more you see

The risk is you may get the same outcome!


by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2005

For all the things you could say, but you don’t
For all the places you can go, but won’t
For all the taking without giving back
For all the special qualities that you lack

I’ll give you strength, i‘ll give you trust
I’ll give you confidence…that’s a must
I’ll guide you through and won’t look back
I’ll give you the qualities without payback

Then look around and see the light
Look at the things that you… just might
Look forever forward, never back
Look for qualities and not the crack

Pass on love to all you see
Pass on seeds like a big oak tree
Pass on virtues and don’t be bad
Pass all things that make you sad

All can be done within this realm
All dreams true, you at the helm
All you are and all you want
All you need … comes from the font

Encourage your mind to look within
Encourage yourself and boldly grin
Encourage others … receive the prize
Encourage the world… be its eyes



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

Listen to the music, don’t hear the words
Read the words, miss meaning between the lines
Get the meaning, miss the point
Find the point, not know the background

See the half empty, not the half full
The wood, but not the tree
See the cloud, not the sun above
What’s in front, never behind

What’s the matter?... Are you blind?

Open your eyes to a greater world
Its all there for you to see
Beneath your feet or up in the tree
In all the things that may not be

Close your eyes, see from within
What you’ll find may make you grin
The fabric of life, ever fragile and fluid
Is open to change, to see it… do it!



FAIRIES – Angels of the Earth
by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008

Your conscience, your guide
The gentleness you hide
Qualities lost
Regardless of cost

A whisper to warn you
A tickle to tell
A breath of beauty
When all is well

Each glimpse of nature
Will heal your heart
A sunny spell
Will help you start

Each petal that falls
Every bird that calls
Reminds us clear
Why we are all here

To pass on fragrance, beauty and song
And start again to right all wrong
If life leaves you cloudy and grey
Remember, tomorrows another day

Let all worries, complications go
Your fairy within will help you glow
But listen, open yourself to the sign
If you can smile… your Fairy’s fine

For any problem large or small
May be solved with a Fairy call
Know where they are, call with your mind
A Fairy can never be unkind

Put them to use, they’re here to guide
If you’re humble, they’re on your side
You can wish and they will hear
and help to banish every fear



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008

Buzzes, birdsong and breaths of air
babbling brook and not a care
Lost in time the daydream starts
relaxed, the mind its truth imparts

This, truly is a natural state
no fear, no violence… I feel great
A single sense of solitude
but not alone… its just my mood

I open my heart and let them in
every living thing my friend within
I sweetly smile at all I see
for its here I want to be

I drift deeper watching dragonflies
with them in both spirit and size
I take to the air like a floating thought
soon darting and never caught

A smile on my face I see the rushes
excited and filled with baby blushes
Seeing the world with different eyes
It’s true … I fly with dragonflies



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

Be Aware of Where You Tread
Your Movements May Cause Fear or Dread
A Ladybird or Buttercup
If Crushed By You, May Not Get Up

Ant, Worm or Beetle Black
Will Suffer From a Boot Attack
Toadstool, Clover or Fallen Fruit
Are Victims Too When So Minute

For A World Exists Beneath Your Feet
That Given Care Can Remain Complete
Whether Delicate Flower, Insect or Other
The Natural World Is Still The Mother

Like Us They Have A Right To Live
And You Can Help By The Thought You Give
So In Your Speed To Get Ahead
Be Mindful The Things You Leave For Dead

The Solution Clear For All To See
Some Care And Respect Will Let Them Be
A Moments Pause To See Their World
So Not To Leave Squished And Curled



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

A tear swells up and clouds my eye
Hinting that I’m about to cry
I hold it back, but almost choke
They start to flow, but I’m a bloke

I haven’t been hurt, I’m in no pain
I’m just watching the younglings again
So happy and trusting like I used to be
Its wonderful to see how they are so free

My heart is full to overload
More emotion and it’ll explode
Did I forget along the way
To smile, kick out or just to play

As I wipe moisture from my cheek
I feel exhausted, rather weak
Although moved by this small outburst
I see the love for which thirst

Bright blue eyes and smiles of gold
Remind me now…I’m getting old
I drink in the scene and am satisfied
And wonder now just why I cried



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008


Turning, twisting, spiralling down,
elders scowl while mothers frown.
A corkscrew kayliegh few have seen,
save for the mists of a bygone dream.

Come with us and we’ll whisk you up,
to jig above the buttercup.
Or pirouette on a fir cone top,
leaping leaves or damp dew drop.

Frisky families of firefly cry,
to see the spectacle in the sky.
Each pulsing flash signs their name,
as teams follow to join the game.

Ducking, diving, jumping around,
making sure to miss the ground.
Cartwheels add the shimmering show,
until it comes, the time to go.

Exhausted lights grow ever dim,
and signal the end of this sky-borne gym.
They scatter to the undergrowth dark,
to rejuvenate a future spark.

Where once again they can thrill you all,
even though they are so small.
To light a life and make it glow,
and guide you to a place to go.



by diaholm hensley © BCG 2010

A seed holds a lifetime locked in its core
awaiting the raindrop, fire, storm or frost to thaw
Ignite the spark and then it is born
embryo, shoot, bud or thorn

A little care, nurture and watch it grow
so much for a little thing to know
The pleasure given is plain to see
like the first bloom open to the honeybee

To share its gift, exchange complete
look around and beneath your feet
seeds are there for all to see
next generations wait to be free

The stuff from the last cell and shell
waits the release from times ultimate spell
To improve on what went before
keeping a record for natures store

Wherever you look, large or small
the seed is there, waiting the call
Now see your thought as the seed
a provider for all that you’ll need

Each one grows into action and deed
the fruit it bears should fit the need
the more care taken, the better crop
the bad and wasteful you need to stop

It’s within your hands, but beneath your feet
thoughts that flow... life you meet
cultivate them well, then you’ll know
the true meaning  of... “you reap what you sow”


by diaholm hensley © BCG 2011  (May Gleninchaquin)

If you feel low, you don’t know where to go...
tell it to the trees... you’re problems will ease
If you are bright, full of light
tell it to the trees, there are no fees

Day or night, if you don’t feel right
tell it to the trees, if, you please
They listen well, you’re heart will swell
tell it to the trees, they don’t tease

Your secrets kept, the times you’ve wept
tell it to the trees, before it leaves
Branching out or setting down roots
tell it to the trees, your bark will seize

You’re relaxed, your feelings flow
tell it to the trees, it will be a breeze
If your worries show, let the woes go
tell it to the trees, so they won’t freeze

All wrapped up in rings, the woodman sings
tell it to the trees, you’re brought to your knees
The seed holds the key, forever renewed
tell it to the trees, please, tell it to the trees





by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

Fairies fly on a moonlight night,
like shooting stars, so small, so bright.
Fairies fly with silver wings,
loving everything that nature brings.

Fairies fly above your heads,
circling all with healing threads.
Fairies fly in cool night air,
sprinkling love over all that care.

Fairies fly to do you good,
over silken stream, through silver wood.
Fairies fly with silent wings,
as the harp plays and angels sing.



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

Dancing deftly above the water
Dipping toes, each circle shorter.
Turning swiftly, air touches another
the moonlight and music to plentiful smother

Heartbeats soar as emotions you share
Confidence grows as you become more aware
As part of this dance the soul is set free
To rejuvenate the qualities that make you and me

Reminded now and taken within
The glow is shown throughout your skin
So bright a sight as ever seen
The Fairy dance of evergreen




by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008
So many shades, variegation and hue
Tree, landscape, moss and leaf a new
So many shapes to catch the sun
You’ll know a breath of fresh air has begun

Each shadow expands the palette more
Every green clean and pure
A salad bowl of chlorophyll
Feast your eyes, take your fill

A raindrop or two will keep it new
Freshening up the gloomiest view
Sunlight reflects as a speck of light
A spirit is held, shiny and bright

At home amongst the evergreen
Blade, stem, stalk, pod and bean
Absorb this source of sustenance
Once its gone, you’ve lost your chance

Treat this colour as a real close friend
Protect it till the very end
Marvel at the part it plays
It affects life in so many ways

Respect the yellow, love the blue
See both together… and you’ll have your view
Mixed to perfection, shared to see
A sea of green is true beauty to me



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

Weave your wonder, sow your seed
Leave behind self and greed
Take all you learn to make the thread
Like a needles eye wait to be fed

With imagination you start to sew
Combining insights that you know
Time and skill are bought to bear
Vision and truth will show you care

Before too long your cloak you’ll show
A mirror where your mind can flow
Use it wisely but not to disguise…
Any weakness, frailty or harmful lies

Let this shield reflect your best
The proof that you withstood the test
Invincible now, your colours show
Its not what you are, but what you know



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

I’m frozen in time, but I’m feeling fine
No looking forward or back …I’m frozen in time
I’m standing in line, frozen in time
Peace sublime… frozen in time



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

A Sprinkling of stars on a dark night sky
Cool breeze circles as spirits pass by
Uplifted by the smiles of friends
This fairytale never ends

Sweet scented flowers and meadow grass
Watching fluffy clouds as they pass
The haze or mist that makes you shiver
Bubbling sounds of a nearby river

Brush a hand over the dandylion clock
To see if you too can make time stop
Listen to tit, lark or swift
Enjoy all nature as a gift

Senses packed to overload
Rubbing shoulders with rabbit and toad
Each second that you smile
Will turn away the nasty and vile

Treasure the special and unique
This also means misfit or freak
Give freely with each encounter
What returns lights like no other


by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2005

Harp and Flute, Organ and Bell
The Feeling You Have…That all is Well
Count Your Blessings and Save The Spell
For When You Will Need Them, You Can Never Tell

The Warmth of a Fire, A Word To Inspire
The Rolling Hills of an English Shire
To Cup a Fledgling and Let it Fly
To See The World With A Spiritual Eye

All You Behold and Take Comfort From
The Days You Remember When The Warm Sun Shone
Sparkling Stars and Twilight Tales
Sand Castles Made With Seaside Pales

Cool Summer Breeze that Wafts Sea Air
Skip Down a Lane Without a Care
Shallow Water Shimmers Silvery Light
Bathed In Bubbles During Misty Moonlight

Babies Breath and Fairy Wings
Rainbow Glows While Angels Sing
Crystal Waters, Pure White Snow
Nature.. Putting on a Colourful Show

Dewy Dawn and Dandylion Clock
Mossy Banks and Hollyhock
Kiss a Peach or a Babies Neck
Skylark Sings Till It Is Just a Speck

Feathery Down and Clotted Cream
The Combination For a Childhood Dream
Holding Hands and Happy Smiles
Scented Petals For Miles and Miles

All These Feelings In Our Soul
To Find Them is Your LifeTimes Goal
Be Happy, Peaceful and Content
Upon this Quest, your Time You’ve Spent



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2007

Life is a bubble we all live within
It keeps the outside out and the inside in
Be wary, for reflections you may find
Although convincing, they can make you blind

Fragile is this world within a see-through shell
It could be your heaven… it could be your hell!
Don’t take it for granted, its all about choice
No one will hear you without a voice

Every cry of passion, grief or belief
The skin grows stronger to repel the thief
Time is this enemy to weaken your shield
But with true love its easily healed

Look deeper within and you’ll find the truth
Put love into play and you’ll have the proof
See clearly from within and without
With pure vision there’ll be no doubt

Then float off into a clear blue sky
With every thought higher than high
A realm of happiness is there
Where all good souls their love can share



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008

Don’t lose the mystery
Don’t sell your soul
You know what’s good
You know your role

Before you do a thing for gain
Ask yourself… will you cause pain
Before disturbing that you found
Ask how long it’s been around

Make a change to help or heal
Never to con, rob or steal
If you’re doubtful, you only need ask
All answers are there without a mask

Look inside, be silent, be still
Your guide awakes and tells it’s will
Clear-minded, refreshed you make your choice
Its good, you listened to that inner-voice



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2006

Animals and birds sense who is kind
Big or ugly they won’t mind
An outstretched hand or to sit for hours
Is all you need to reveal your powers

With patience you’ll have good friends indeed
not interested in gain, self or greed
Just to share some time and let you know
not all in life is ready to go

So take the time to watch and learn
this is the wealth for which you yearn
Relax and trust the things you do
then all the world will come to you



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008

Seed heads raise above the ground
Jack Frost leaves and can’t be found
All manner of birds will do their best
to find or build a comfy nest

Longer days of warmth and showers
help to nurture trees and flowers
Smells are sweet and songs are shrill
breath deep fresh air, take your fill

With spirits lifted for a while
this bright spring day will make you smile
It’s light of life that you’ve found
a master touch of sight and sound

Prisms of colours wash the shadows and let them fall
vibrations wave sending out the call
Each particle excited as anticipation grows
The spectrum spellbound, fascination flows

Awake the senses, stretch your mind
blade, bud, bloom is what you’ll find
A memory now, cough, sneeze and wheeze
with the banishment of the chilly breeze



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008

Was that a Fairy or Dragonfly
that passed by in the blink of an eye?
Did I hear those delicate wings
above the song the blackbird sings

Did the earth move, just a tad
to disturb the frog on lily-pad
A shadow glimpsed before it settles
by the flower, among the nettles

A sparkle in a dewdrop tear
will tell you when a Fairy is near
Bulrushes swaying on a calm summers day
it’s then you’ll know that Fairies play

Lights in Thicket, bramble or bush
disappear on your arrival…with a whoosh!
A Fairy, therefore, is rarely seen
a glow will tell you where it has been

To get a glimpse, look very clear
from the inside out, without fear
They are closer than you think
but are gone within a single wink



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008

How graceful a leaf as it falls to the ground
slowly descending, without a sound
How rich the colour as it leaves the bough
on its way to earth… it’s sad somehow

How magnificent the job it’s done all year
to catch sun, wind and rain it’s purpose clear
How fitting, therefore, it returns to the ground
to wither and rot until its goodness is found

How incredible a seed finds good fortune here
growing from strength to strength (if uneaten by deer!)
How amazing they grow into large fine trees
to sway and rustle in a summers breeze

How lucky we are, that they are all here
and perform this miracle, every year
How excited I am, to kick these leaves
that once were a part of our greatest trees

How grateful I am, this miracle seen
and hope that I…will always see green
How peaceful it is, so still, so calm
As I hold this leaf in my trembling palm

How clear the heavens up above
as I look skywards and see a dove
How graceful the leaf that falls to the ground
I reflect on this cycle that I have just found



by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2008

Take my hand, it’s there to hold
but take it now, for I grow old
I want to show you some things I’ve learned
…the “brownie points” I may have earned;

The things to cherish, the things to save
things you never… take to the grave
Come!...i’ll show you my garden too
i’m leaving it, especially, just for you

Look at the tree, how tall it is now
‘twas a runt when I bought it, but now…WOW!
I felt like a runt when I was small
but listen… that stuff, ..don’t matter at all

Lets look at the pond and see what’s there
may be a frog, or newt… nope... not there
Oh!... what about the the tools in my shed
Grandfather used these… this ones.. red!

Um!... this only flowers, once in three tears
Its perfume, bought aunty Lou to tears
OK… its getting cold… lets go in
Sorry to grip so tight… I love you Tim



(sensitivities about existence)
by Diaholm Hensley © BCG 2006


We have a mind
We have an opinion
We speak the truth
We uphold honour

We despise lies
We hate jealousy
We love life
We are you

Nothing is cast in stone
We are what we are
We are fragile and pure
We change with the wind

We adapt to the seasons
We ebb with the tides
We are seekers of the sun
We are you

We are children in space
We are life without a face
We are convicts of time
We are contradiction sublime

We are Schizophrenic beyond belief
We’re hanging on by our teeth
We know who we are
We are you

We are too blind by far
We look for the star
What will we become;
When we all become one?

We are the sea;
Within your mind
We are the ones;
We’re not unkind

We’ve told the tales
We flew the vales
We always knew
We were you

A world within
A bubble without
A screaming yawn
A silent shout

We always hear you






Published by Creative Fx  © BCG 2005-13




Published by Creative Fx  © BCG 2005-13
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