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The Author has chosen to pre-release this book by making it available over the internet one chapter at a time

There are Twelve Chapters in all and will be released one per month starting in July 2013

The reason for this, is to encourage you, the reader, to get involved and say what you think about each chapter.   If you make (submit) a good point or suggestion it may be included in the finished & published work   (With your permission of course!)

The theme of the book is for entertainment (For you to enjoy) & as such should not be taken too seriously, but it is hoped that you will be given some useful "Food for Thought"

It may even change you life for the better

Timothy Fernwood's Little Fairy Factbook

A Few Things You Should Know About Faeries


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Timothy Fernwood’s  Little Fairy Factbook

Tim's Diary entries as learnt from his various Fairy encounters



Fairy Facts | Glossary | Nuggets | Notes



Spirit World = Where everyone is rejuvenated

Stardust = particles of light energy starting to merge with matter picked up in water droplets (clouds) in our atmosphere then fused together and brought to life by a thunderbolt carrying charged particles to earth. Sometimes sent into “Netherworld” by Sprites (Lightning that strikes above the clouds and into the heavens) A Fairy is born.

A Fairy can be born when a child is lost in conception or birth (A soul trapped between worlds) It has left the spirit world, but is never part of the physical world of matter.  For it to become an angel and return as a spirit it must be of service to the material world.

Spiritual Guide = Fairy  Spiritual Messenger = Angel   Human Counterpart = See-er

Spiritual Humans = mystics, magicians, wizards, mediums, clairvoyants, Telepaths,


Fairies have to be around water and prefer small streams, but small ponds or lakes may be suitable

Fairies are roughly two inches tall fully grown…can ride on backs of dragonflies

Fairies – instantly turn into butterflies when touched by humans (pixies into moths, but delayed until night-time)

Fairies like open, slightly shaded areas often on the edge of fields, near streams or clearings in woods


FAIRY ATTRIBUTESAppearance; Milky white pale skin, slender and slight, freckles around upturned small nose and top of cheeks, long arms and legs (slender & elegant), long thin eyebrows, matted thick stringy curly hair, long fingers, long eyelashes, thin, but well formed lips (slightly protruding with upturned edges & centre dimple), Natures; dainty, flirty, fleeting, giving, light-hearted, true, gentle, caring, perceptive, intuitive, creative, loving, timid, shallow, cheerful, encouraging, considerate, careful, happy, benevolent, childlike, pure, innocent, crisp, clean, fanciful etc

They are gentle, wistful, forgetful, naïve, careful, happy, light-hearted. They use natural materials to create clothes, houses and almost all things they use.  They recycle and create new and inventive uses for natural materials.
They communicate as messengers within woodlands and natural habitats.

Older ones develop wings & can fly without bubbles
Fairies can’t lie.

Fairy Names – All come from nature  E.g. Pansy Meadow, Mallow Toadflax, Daphne Hypericum, Violet Vetch, Nightshade, Parsley Pignut, Heather Hogweed, Bilberry Pimpernel, Periwinkle,
Bindweed, Elder Archangel, Basil Gypsywort, Sage Speedwell, Scabious Teasel, Daisy Ragwort, Lily Nipplewort, Poppy Rapeseed, Sorell Snapdragon, Daisy Dew

Fairy Nuff - Nickname for "Firberry Puffball"

Fairy Dust…= stardust - the cosmos from which we are all a part)

Fairy Fashion – always delicate, chiffon like, pale and pastel colours, will always incorporate green somewhere

Fairy Sparkle – cleaning activities, rejuvenation and a special pure finish

Fairy Liquid – bubble making – slimy membrane gathered from just below surface of some woodland ponds - concentrated algae

Fairy Flowers – most wild flowers…preferred = harebells, lily of the valley, bluebells, may, blackberry, blossoms, wild rose, foxglove, hollyhock, wild strawberry, campion, lilies etc

Fairy Grass- everything about a fairy and its likes are light and airy, delicate and
fragile, bright but not intense, clean, crisp, new and free and so this type of grass.

Fairies Seeds and Nuts – the acorn nut, apple and cup, the beech nut, the sunflower seed, hazel nuts,

Fairy Beds – flowers, nut shells, fluff

Fairies and Dandelion – clocks…to drop in on friends…low level transport.  Stalks to wave in circles above heads to make weird noise as warning or to summon others. Leaves as makeshift boats to float in puddles or small streams

Fairies and Allotments – Fairies like allotments, they use vegetables, but always return them to how they were found.  E.g. marrows, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, carrot tops, (don’t like onions), pumpkins etc

Fairy Farts – smell sweet and don’t linger, the only noise made is a slight squeak

Fairy Flowers – Bastard Balm (strong smelling, S.W.Britain, shaded areas, pink ,mauve, purple, white flowers)  Stinking Iris (originally from Ireland, Scotland, most frequent
near coast

Fairy Games and Activities -
HAWBERRY SPRINGBALL - Use Spiderweb, Acorn Cups and Pips to catapult into vacant wrens nests.
SNAIL TRAIL SLIDING - As it sounds, the longest skid wins
WOOD LICE ROLLING - Rolling Woodlice down large grass stems through hoops
AIR SURFING - Whirlybird surfing

TEASLE TAG - A form of "It" whoever has the teasle placed upon them chases the others until they transfer it

BUG RACING - On the back of Beetles, Ladybirds, Grasshoppers, Caterpillers etc


Fairy Instruments:
Harps made from small twigs and spider web, Flute, pipes, reeds, single string bows, wood & wind chimes, walnut & hazel nut shell drums, seed pod shakers, dandelion stalks,

Fairy Fancies = Fairy Foods  …Fairies eat pollen on the wing, plus sweet natural foods E.g.– Sweet chestnut and honey puree, acorn butter (Acorns crushed and mixed with clover oil), honeysuckle wine, nettleflower syrup, pine sap, rose water, sweet pea essence, fruits (especially gooseberries, cherries, blueberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, nightshade (deadly to humans, but a tonic to Faeries) Drinks; honeysuckle wine, pine sap, nettleflower syrup, rose water, sweet pea essence,
Fairies use a “Herb and Plant Almanac”
(A kind of day by day calendar, in order to know when to plant and when to harvest)

Fairy FriendsSquirrel, Dormouse, Robin, Wren, Tit, Wagtail, Dragonfly, Blackbird, Swallow, Martins, Woodpeckers, Snail, Frog, Spiders, Fireflies, Deer, Rabbits, Hedgehogs, Ladybirds,

Fairy Tales –  (Things to avoid) Magpies, Jays, Dogs, Rats, Badgers, Foxes, Horses, Starlings, Crows, Hares, Cats (can be a real danger to Fairies as they have special abilities which help to detect them and it is a supreme hunter!)

Feeries - Things that Greatworld people fear and then make up a story for to try & explain them, warn people, make sense of them or use to control them.

Fairy Materials
Caterpillar and Spider silk (Clothes etc), Honesty seeds/ pods, Acorn shells (various), Leaves, Grasses, Dandylion clocks, Old mans beard, (bedding) Gorse needles (to prick bubbles), Pine sap (glue), Moss, Silver birch bark, Sycamore seeds (fans), Feathers (Air surfing),

Fairy LanternsBell shaped

Thems Elves - Fairies with a too high opinon of themselves - ego

Diamond Bubble - A Fairy can, in an emergency, force a bubbles skin to solidify into a crystal-like sphere as hard & clear as diamond. This is a form of protection, but only lasts for a few minutes then shatters into dust. To do this they make themselves sneeze by putting a pinch of puffball powder under the nose.



Fairies name many plants and trees depending on how they look, what they provide or where they are placed. e.g. “The Broken Branch, Five Fingered, Candleflower Tree” (Horse Chestnut), Twisty barked, Spikypod, Jaggyleaf Tree (Sweet Chestnut) etc


Fairies communicate on various levels, but mostly using telepathy, vibration and body language



The reason most can't see Fairies in daily life is generally due to "Fractals" or shifting of light (These have to be just right or all you may see is a kind of clear shadow which you will question is really there at all. More often than not fairies can employ "TimeShifting" a technique to slow your mind at a given moment which can offset their visibility. In most cases though, Fairies move so fast and not quite within our dimension that they will almost always be invisible no martter what



Tuatha De Danann - Semi Devine race 5th group of Irish inhabitants (linked to Scone Stone) People of the Goddess "Danu" (Dagda = Good God) Significant = Hill of Tara (County Meath) LiaFail = Stone of Ireland, Uisneach = Naval of Ireland

Druids - Priestly Celts worshipped & lived in harmony with nature worshipping the Sun. Moon, Stars etc

Devizes - (Wiltshire) Alignment of true north & grid north = Signifiant centre point

Beltane = Spring (May1st)




Small Change

1 Debt

I Owe You / must be repaid

1 Deed

A promise realised

1 Greeting

Acknowledgement for you

1 Hug

Comfort a plenty

1 Kiss

Intimate affection

1 Smile

Costs nothing, means everything

1 Touch

Thought Exchange




Big Oak Beech

400+ year old Oak surrounded by Beech trees, Oldest wisest tree in forest.  Squirrels take the acorns and plant them ensuring future generations, in the same way Fairies take knowledge passed on at the oak and plant that seed.  Fairies communicate with the seed spreaders  e.g. Squirrels, Birds, Insects, The Wind!, Water, Trees (telepathy + vibration)


Fairies who are searchers for the lost (mainly of people)


What Fairies refer to as the mist of sleep for humans the time when they are most active influencing thought

Dwell & Tell
If you ponder or wonder too much it could be considered as wasted thought energy, but if you tell another of the subject of thought it may be transformed into positive thought energy.

Earth Watching

Monitoring the effect of the seasons

Fairy Gifts

A story or song containing 'Nuggets'/'Hand-me-Downs'

The Fairy Still
(Mixing Pot) Everyone tosses in an idea and lets it stew.  When circulated and blended with others the best surfaces to the top


Fantasy vision of lost natural beauty and behaviour

Fifth Element



Tims vision of FairyWorld where he can see, experience, interact and share his thoughts with the Fairies


Fairy power, a shimmering glow when a fairy gets close to becoming an Angel


Fairy name for our “Human” world


Fairies that have no wings, but instead get blown along by the wind catching their streams of thin golden hair


(Pass -It -On) Every fairy has a responsibility to pass on or share the knowledge they have gained (a little of the right knowledge is invaluable)


A symbolic seed that enables something positive to grow from e.g. a pebble; symbolises strength and durability……


Self enlightenment, knowing who you are, why you are here, where you are going, being responsible for all your interactions and knowing who is guiding you


Light of Life (Fairy alternative of what we would call God) Fairies do not believe in, or have a religion.  We exist and are only here because of light.  It is a way of being able to see the truth that is all around you.  Take it away and everything dies

Martins Marsh

 An area of marshland in FreeWood near the Millyon Stone

Millyon Stone

A Portal between FairyWorld and GreatWorld.  It also acts as a Scale and Time Converter


The sun rays reflected by the moon (moonbeams).  Fairies bathe in these rays which are harmless and help purify them, especially skin, after visits to Greatworld


Language of telepathy


Gems of wisdom handed down by an Elder


The Fairy footprint fades – so there is no physical record of existence


Each individual has an AURORA, a sensory force-field that surrounds us. The stronger it is, the more powerful its range and effectiveness.


Transformation to Dragonfly, Butterfly or any other living form  (has to be of a similar size)

Silver Wings

Fairy messengers.  Smaller and sleeker than normal              fairies.  Their wings beat so fast they travel at great speeds making them invisible to the human eye., but create a small bright flash of light as they do.   Fairies are generally very observant using all their senses including intuition.  A few get rewarded by becoming “SILVERWINGS”. They gain this status by performing outstanding services to Greatworld. (size = 42.5mm. approx)


Wingless water angels (nymphs) Fairies in transition ????

Tir na nOg

Land of youth

Tulah Na Toerth

DESTINY;   Will vs Fate,  Making your own destiny by the choices you make  i.e. CHOICE (Seed) = ACTION (What grows) = RESULT (Fruit)  NOTE; The scale of interaction limits the result, i.e. A butterflies wing does NOT cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet! … think about it!
It’s a term for “knowing”.  Fairies easily absorb knowledge, some comes from the echoes of a spirit or its  past.  They can distinguish good from bad using their deep understanding of truth and all of its subtleties like a kind of filter


TEARS are a magic healer and reminder of where we came from i.e. the sea.   Redemption is only possible by shedding tears.  Reflections in teardrops expose the true self


Seeing and experiencing the world through the vibrations which each living thing emits


Certain insects have roles as watchers. They communicate with Fairies to keep them updated on surrounding activity.  Hoverflies, Damsel flies, Crane flies etc – EYES OF THE FOREST



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