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Big Oak Beech

400+ year old Oak surrounded by Beech trees, Oldest wisest tree in forest.  Squirrels take the acorns and plant them ensuring future generations, in the same way Fairies take knowledge passed on at the oak and plant that seed.  Fairies communicate with the seed spreaders  e.g. Squirrels, Birds, Insects, The Wind!, Water, Trees (telepathy + vibration)


Fairies who are searchers of the lost (mainly of people)


What Fairies refer to as the mist of sleep for humans the time when they are most active influencing thought

Dwell & Tell
If you ponder or wonder too much it could be considered as wasted thought energy, but if you tell another of the subject of thought it may be transformed into positive thought energy.

Earth Watching

Monitoring the effect of the seasons

Fairy Gifts

A story or song containing 'Nuggets'/'Hand-me-Downs'

The Fairy Still
(Mixing Pot) Everyone tosses in an idea and lets it stew.  When circulated and blended with others the best surfaces to the top


Fantasy vision of lost natural beauty and behaviour

Fifth Element



Tims vision of FairyWorld where he can see, experience, interact and share his thoughts with the Fairies


Fairy power, a shimmering glow when a fairy gets close to becoming an Angel


Fairy name for our “Human” world


Fairies that have no wings, but instead get blown along by the wind catching their streams of thin golden hair


(Pass -It -On) Every fairy has a responsibility to pass on or share the knowledge they have gained (a little of the right knowledge is invaluable)


A symbolic seed that enables something positive to grow from e.g. a pebble; symbolises strength and durability……


Self enlightenment, knowing who you are, why you are here, where you are going, being responsible for all your interactions and knowing who is guiding you


Light of Life (Fairy alternative of what we would call God) Fairies do not believe in, or have a religion.  We exist and are only here because of light.  It is a way of being able to see the truth that is all around you.  Take it away and everything dies

Martins Marsh

 An area of marshland in FreeWood near the Millyon Stone

Millyon Stone

A Portal between FairyWorld and GreatWorld.  It also acts as a Scale and Time Converter


The sun rays reflected by the moon (moonbeams).  Fairies bathe in these rays which are harmless and help purify them, especially skin, after visits to Greatworld


Language of telepathy


Gems of wisdom handed down by an Elder


The Fairy footprint fades – so there is no physical record of existence


Each individual has an AURORA, a sensory force-field that surrounds us. The stronger it is, the more powerful its range and effectiveness.


Transformation to Dragonfly, Butterfly or any other living form  (has to be of a similar size)

Silver Wings

Fairy messengers.  Smaller and sleeker than normal              fairies.  Their wings beat so fast they travel at great speeds making them invisible to the human eye., but create a small bright flash of light as they do.   Fairies are generally very observant using all their senses including intuition.  A few get rewarded by becoming “SILVERWINGS”. They gain this status by performing outstanding services to Greatworld. (size = 42.5mm. approx)


Wingless water angels (nymphs) Fairies in transition ????

Tir na nOg

Land of youth

Tulah Na Toerth

DESTINY;   Will vs Fate,  Making your own destiny by the choices you make  i.e. CHOICE (Seed) = ACTION (What grows) = RESULT (Fruit)  NOTE; The scale of interaction limits the result, i.e. A butterflies wing does NOT cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet! … think about it!
It’s a term for “knowing”.  Fairies easily absorb knowledge, some comes from the echoes of a spirit or its  past.  They can distinguish good from bad using their deep understanding of truth and all of its subtleties like a kind of filter


TEARS are a magic healer and reminder of where we came from i.e. the sea.   Redemption is only possible by shedding tears.  Reflections in teardrops expose the true self


Seeing and experiencing the world through the vibrations which each living thing emits


Certain insects have roles as watchers. They communicate with Fairies to keep them updated on surrounding activity.  Hoverflies, Damsel flies, Crane flies etc – EYES OF THE FOREST




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