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The T-Pod... is so called because of its multi-functionality for mobile deployment as in "Thunderbird 4" and its various configurable pods.

It is primarily a fully functioning catering trailer, but can be quickly re-jigged to provide a DJ & video booth which can be sited very quickly and run from the on-board generator or mains (if available)

It is painted in rural green to blend into the background in gardens, fields or woods etc.


We can provide all the music you need, themed or mixed for your special occasion and/ or run a cocktail bar, or just soft drinks & food... the choice is yours.

We have run successful "Pottery Parties" for kids or grown-ups where group & 1&1 tuition is combined with a picnic and bundles of fun. Ideal for keeping the young ones occupied and learning into the bargain while adults are free to enjoy themselves. All clay & sundries supplied.

(Please remember this is a fun day, there is no time or facility for firing items, but you may be able to take small models or pots home as a keepsake or finish at a later date.

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